Mandarin speaking Network Maintenance Engineer

Our client, a game development company based in Isle of Man, is looking for a Mandarin speaking Senior Network Maintenance Engineer to join there fast growing business.
*Planning, deployment, monitoring network device, servers and applications;
*Planning, deployment, daily maintenance problem analysis and solution for AWS, Azura, Google Cloud platform service application;
*Judgment, processing, recording and reporting of emergencies, promptly processing of problems, communication and collaboration within the company;
*Strictly implement the monitoring and punctuality and handover system in order to ensure detect problems on time, effective follow-up and handling, and strong ability to inspect and record faults;
*Assist in the changes to applications, networks, servers, and equipment, release and update the deployment of each project application, follow up and assist other engineers to process problems;
*Infrastructure of the operation and maintenance platform, improve the operation and maintenance process. Improve the operation and maintenance automation level, ensure the stability of the service. Improve the network security, availability and overall service level in various complex environments through technical means and process control.
*Computer and network related major, more than 5 years of network operation and maintenance experience;
*Good knowledge of Networking (Routing, Switch, TCP/IP, WEB, LB, DNS, VPN, CDN) and strong ability to locate faults based on relevant information;
*Strong knowledge to operate Windows and Linus system, strong skill in using Linux common commands, checking scripts and tools
*Familiar with common database operation and maintenance, including MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, SQLServer;
*Experience in dealing with security issues, such as DDOS attacks, network hijacking, etc., have experience in dealing with complex network environment failures previously;
*Experience in configuration and common troubleshooting Azure, AWS service;
*Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English
*Experience in operation and maintenance of related industries such as Gaming or Finance will be an advantage.
If you think you have the right experience for in this role, please apply with your CV, email or call on 0207 029 3799. I look forward to hearing from you!