Senior Software Engineer-Linux Kernel

***All applicants must be eligible to work in the UK***


1. Design and implement Linux Kernel to meet the business requirements;

2. Debug complex, system-level, multi-component issues that typically span across multiple layers from kernel to application. Profile performance problems and drive optimizations that span the entire software stack.

3. Responsible for the research and application of new technologies in the operating system / kernel


1. Proficient in Linux kernel, at least read the source code of 2-3 main modules (scheduling, file system, network, I/O, memory management, etc.);

2. 5 years experience working on systems software in a large-scale C code base.Demonstrated knowledge of operating systems internals on at least one platform.

3. Experience with Software Development processes including: source control, bug tracking,

and design documentation.

4. Demonstrated experience working collaboratively in cross-functional teams.

5. Rich experience in kernel debugging or community patch submission is preferred;

6. Experience in multi platform (x86 / arm / risc-v) kernel and system development is preferred;

7. Understand the implementation of virtualization technology (Xen / KVM, etc.), read the relevant source code is preferred;

Mandarin speaking is desired but not essential



Wendi Yang

About me: I grew up in Xi’an, a City in central China and moved to the UK to discover different cultures and experience the European lifestyle. Before moving to London, I lived in Liverpool for 2 years. I have worked in recruitment for over 3 years now and mainly focus on the Chinese Market. The reason why I love what I do? Recruitment offers a day-to-day challenge which makes you develop determination and mental toughness.

In my free time I enjoy going to the country side on long hikes or bike rides.   I also enjoy a cold beer on a sunny day.

Fun fact: I hiked up the Mount Hua, known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world!